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How To Make Google Maps Responsive

Posted on: July 24th, 2015 by BuildMyWeb No Comments

Google Maps and many others like it, make it really easy to embed a short snippet of code that will render a beautiful, interactive map on your website. It’s simply a matter of typing in your address, clicking the ‘share’ button, and grabbing the iframe embed code. In today’s mobile world, this is not enough. [Read More…]

IE11 main element display: block; not supported

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Internet Explorer is The Suck Lord, I hate Internet Explorer. I’ve heard,.. well really read this so many times before from other developers, I cannot bare to say it again. But I will. I hate Internet Explorer. I’ve been developing sites since before IE6. And man alive, was THAT a beast. The worst browser ever [Read More…]

How to Create Equal Height Columns with CSS

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There is an ever-present need in the design world for containers of equal height within a document. Unfortunately, there is a serious lack of support currently for this concept. I’ve been hearing for quite some time that Flexbox is going to be our savior but support is not quite there yet. In the meantime, there [Read More…]

PHP Function str_getcsv() not working

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It is a common practice to develop new sites or significant changes to an existing website on a development server. You do your rockstar work, follow it up with some stellar testing and debugging, and then,… when completely satisfied with your results,… you publish your new files to your production server. And voila! Something breaks [Read More…]