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Build My Web, LLC is a boutique of long island web designers based out of Nassau County, New York. We are a small group of freelancer web developers that service small business clients all throughout the U.S. Most, however, are located in and around major cities along the east coast including lower New York and New Jersey. As small business owners ourselves, we know what is required to have a successful business in a city like ours.

We Are Responsive

We are responsive to your correspondence. You wont be waiting for days on our replies. We have been designing websites for over 10 years, servicing small and medium -sized businesses. We keep our promises and only promise what we are confident we can do well. We stick to deadlines. In short, we offer an unparalleled level of service that you will not easily find with other long island web designers.

Skype: buildmyweb

Not Just Long Island

We may be a group of Long Island web designers, but we have the resources to connect with our clients all across the U.S. Skype, net-meeting capabilities for screensharing sessions, large file sharing, ftp directories, and more are at our disposal. The internet is a powerful place and with it, there is little need to be within arm's reach to conduct business. Our clients are in Maine, California, and everywhere in between.

Every Business Needs a Website

We Make it Easy

A recent study by GE Capital Retail Bank indicates that "81% of consumers go online before heading out to the store". In more urban and affluent places like NYC and Long Island, those numbers are more likely to be above the average. With all the competition, small business owners can no longer afford not to have a web presence. But the internet is a mystery to most of us. We make establishing your business online simple for you. From selecting and registering a domain (your web address), to configuring email forwarders, we help you get your website designed, coded, and published.

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